Let There Be Flight


Dedication Crowd

Largest Mural in Arizona

Let there be flight! The Sound of Flight mural on the East-facing wall of the Orpheum Theater in Flagstaff Arizona is complete and all the birds are chirping about it. Sound of Flight is the brainchild of local artist Sky Black, a 23-year-old native of Flagstaff, who always wanted to leave his mark in town. He brought in veteran muralists R.E. Wall and Margaret Dewar from Mural Mice Universal to help make his dream a reality. The 4500 Square foot mural project took 14 months to create. It took six months to raise funds and eight months to paint. The project is now regarded as the largest mural in Arizona.

Orpheum Theater Mural to Unveil


ASOF Dedication jpegArtists to Unveil Largest Mural in Arizona

After two years, the “Sound of Flight” mural on the east side of the Orpheum Theater in downtown Flagstaff is complete. The artists are throwing a grand Dedication Celebration on Saturday November 7th, from 2-5pm.

Come on down to the East Orpheum wall at 15 W. Aspen Ave. for an afternoon of food, refreshments and entertainment. Flagstaff’s own Sambatuque will open the event and performances from Flagstaff Aerialists and the young and talented musicians of “Tow’rs” will take place right in front of the mural. Prescott’s own, Jonathan Best, will be showing off the outlandish keyboard and looping technique that has inspired some to call him a musical genius. Just like the mural itself, be sure to expect a few surprises during the free afternoon of festivities.

Sky Black and Mural Mice artists R.E. Wall and Margaret Dewar began the painting effort for the “Sound of Flight” mural in 2014, and believe the 4500 square foot mural to be the largest in the state. Shortly after Black conceived the idea for the mural in 2013, he asked the Mural Mice, a veteran team with murals throughout Arizona to join the effort. Together the artists united with the Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project to raise funds. The “Sound of Flight” mural was created with community support from ninety local business sponsors and over 500 individual donations. The project was also made possible through grants from the BBB tax ,which are awarded by the Flagstaff Arts Council and the Beautification and Public Art Commission.

“It’s a symphony of color,” said local artist, Shonto Begay who has been a friend and supporter of the project. The mural is influenced by classical art with Sky Black’s characteristic surrealist tendency. The striking image of a hundred birds flying out of an ornately decorated grand piano depicts the climax of a song. The birds make their way across the wall past the twenty-five foot figures of Michelangelo’s “David” and a woman in red. They then migrate over the head of a howling wolf and Rodin’s statue, the “Thinker”, and into the sun as it sets on the Grand Canyon.

For the artists, this final event more than marks the completion of their efforts, it’s a chance to thank everyone who has contributed to, supported and appreciated the project as it took form during the past two years. “The project could not have been possible without the generosity of the Flagstaff community,” said Black. The artists invite one and all to this free and final Dedication Celebration for the “Sound of Flight” mural.


Sound of Flight 2014-Flagstaff Az


A SOF mural

Artists- Sky Black, R.E. Wall, Margaret Dewar


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Greek Island Mural 2014-Flagstaff Az.



Artist Margaret Dewar


Flagstaff Mayor Paints with Mice




On Saturday October 18th, 2014, Flagstaff Mayor Jerry Nabours was the star attraction at the Orpheum Theater mural entitled “Sound of Flight”. The mural, painted by local artists Sky Black and Mural Mice R.E. Wall and Margaret Dewar has been a work in progress for the past three months. Described as a “Symphony of Color” by Shanto Begay, the mural depicts over 100 birds flying out of an antique grand piano in a burst of light. Phase one of the project received $25,000 in support from grass roots community donations and sponsors with an additional $10,000 committed to phase two, which begins next summer. A Crowd Funding campaign offered original art, prints, calendars and an opportunity to paint one of the birds on the wall.

Flagstaff Mayor Jerry Nabours and family members of Sky Black jumped at the chance to paint alongside the artists. As well as being the Mayor of Flagstaff, Nabours has a minor degree in art. Nabours commented that, “the city needs to invest more into projects like this…I had a fantastic time.” Throughout the day of painting, crowds of people gathered to watch as he flexed his painting skills giving him a sample of the support the community has for public art. Phase one of the “Sound of Flight” mural will be complete by the first week of November. Visit the mural, and if you like what you see, support phase two of the project by going to www.soundofflight.net and making a donation.


"Route 66" 2013-Flagstaff Az.



Artists- R.E. Wall and Margaret Dewar


"Melting Point" 2012-Mesa, AZ



Artists- R.E. Wall and Margaret Dewar

“Arizona Artists Turn Up The Heat!”

 Everyone knows summer in the Valley is hot. So hot, the buildings are melting! That is the theme of “Melting Point,” a new mural on display at 220 W. Main St. in downtown Mesa. The image of a turn of the century, classic building covers the entire exterior of the store, dripping and sagging on its foundation. This new work is turning up the heat in downtown Mesa.


"Route 66" Mural Overview



Flagstaff Arizona is getting a Mural Mice Mousterpiece. The newest mural entitled the "Phoenix Avenue Route 66 Mural" is under construction throughout the summer of 2013. Its located on the south side of the Lumberyard Brewery at 5 South San Francisco street. The project is being commissioned by the Flagstaff Beautification and Public Art Commission BPAC with bed, board, and booze BBB tax funds.