“Beyond Words”- Public Library, Prescott Az. 2009

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Take a virtual tour of the mural

            In 2008-2009, the Mural Mice working with Prescott Public Library created “Beyond Words.” The mural involved the participation of over 800 members of the community of all ages.


The experience brought artists and scholars, children and senior citizens, rich and poor together to celebrate the importance of learning, the library and history. 

            The project began with an introduction and survey to the patrons of the library. Many people put forth ideas and gave feedback for the content of the mural. Think tank meetings were held in the library to develop the content. After a long list of ideas were put forth, a team of researchers delved into archives and books, finding images and facts to support the composition of the mural image.

 The artists spent a month developing two designs for the mural with very different styles for the public to choose from. A mural election was held in the library. The design was selected and painting commenced. But first we held a kick-off party, a mouse-hatter tea party.

            The mural featured a mosaic. Artist Mary Schulte led a crew of Mosaic Mice to build an image of the “Spirit of Learning.” 


            Professional artists added their touch to the wall. Artists R.E. Wall, Margaret Dewar, Dana Cohn, and Kathy Gifford spent many long hours sculpting the art.


Many people played a part in the painting of the mural. Some of the children who dedicated their time to painting were dubbed “Mice Knights.” Only artists brave enough to paint murals are knighted.


            Such an elaborate and extraordinary project could only come to an end with a climactic celebration. A grand dedication was planned to honor all those who participated in the mural and a performance was presented to interpret the content and main themes of the art. It was a fantastic event, and one of the most memorable in Mural Mice history. 


                                                                                                                           Clan Tynker visits the "Beyond Words" mural

Take a virtual tour of the mural