Route 66 Shield- Visitor Center, Flagstaff Az. 2017

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Artists- R.E. Wall and Margaret Dewar

Community Reflections- Bushmaster Park, Flagstaff Az. 2017

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Bushmaster Park Mural Detail

Artists- R.E. Wall, Margaret Dewar and Community Members

Tuba Paints Mural- Public Library, Tuba City Az. 2017

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Tuba Best

Artists- Margaret Dewar, R.E. Wall and Library Volunteers

Ghost of Mabel Milligan 2- Flagstaff Az. CVB 2017

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Grand Gallery

Artists- Margaret Dewar and R.E. Wall

Miniature Train to 1920's-Flagstaff Az. 2016

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Flagstaff Visitor Center Mural 8

Artists- Margaret Dewar and R.E. Wall

Ghost Of Mabel Milligan- Flagstaff Az. CVB 2016

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Mural Mice Ghost 1

Artists- Margaret Dewar and R.E. Wall  See details

Sound of Flight- Orpheum Theater Flagstaff Az. 2015

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A SOF mural

Artists- Sky Black, R.E. Wall, Margaret Dewar

Greek Island Mural- Flagstaff Az. 2014

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Artist Margaret Dewar

"Mother Myth of Route 66"- Flagstaff Az. 2013

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Artists- R.E. Wall and Margaret Dewar

"Melting Point"- Mesa, Az. 2012

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Artists- R.E. Wall and Margaret Dewar

“Arizona Artists Turn Up The Heat!”

 Everyone knows summer in the Valley is hot. So hot, the buildings are melting! That is the theme of “Melting Point,” a new mural on display at 220 W. Main St. in downtown Mesa. The image of a turn of the century, classic building covers the entire exterior of the store, dripping and sagging on its foundation. This new work is turning up the heat in downtown Mesa.

“Go On Green”- Miller Valley School, Prescott Az. 2010

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Miller Valley 1

 Artists- R.E. Wall, Pamela Smith, Volunteers and Miller Valley School students.

Located at the intersection of Miller Valley Road and Iron Springs road in Prescott Arizona, Miller Valley School is a certified green friendly Eco School. They are the only school of their kind in the Prescott Unified School District. "Go on Green" was federally funded with a grant from the Safe Routes to School program and Prescott Alternative Transportation with help from local businesses. Prescott Highland Center advised the habitat mural that the children painted.

“Music Of Nature” -Acker Park, Prescott Az. 2010

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“Music of Nature” painted by Mural Mice Margaret Dewar, Shellie Montgomery, Jenny Borst, Lee Bradley, Richard Elkins and many more. Dedicated June 10, 2010.

 “Music of Nature” is an expression of a community’s appreciation for their land. Nestled in the heart of J.S. Acker Park, an 80 acre parcel of land preserved as open space, this colorful mural was painted by 100 “mice” in the spring of 2010. Take the tour.

“Beyond Words”- Public Library, Prescott Az. 2009

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Take a virtual tour of the mural

            In 2008-2009, the Mural Mice working with Prescott Public Library created “Beyond Words.” The mural involved the participation of over 800 members of the community of all ages.

“Mile High and Climbing” Mile High School 2008

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Low res Mile High 2

 Artists- R.E. Wall, Margaret Dewar, Katie Nelson, and Mile High School students.

The Mile High and Climbing mural is located at the front entrance to Mile High Middle School in downtown Prescott Arizona. The Mural Mice enlisted 750 children in the creation of the mural from scratch to completion. The mural was dedicated on May 15th, 2008 with a grand celebration that included the Mile High Jazz Band, Mile High Choir, and three Mile High students calling themselves "the Little Squeakers." The mural was administered by Prescott Alternative Transportation and funded by the federal Safe Routes to School Program, a program that fights childhood obesity and other inactivity-related health issues, environmental pollution, and traffic congestion by encouraging kids to walk and ride bikes to school.

"Art For All" Parking Garage, Prescott Az. 2007

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Artists- R.E. Wall and Margaret Dewar.

The Prescott Downtown Mural Project unveiled its first community art project on September 14th and 15th, 2007, the "Art for All" mural, located at 109.5 Sth. Granite St.