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Tuba Best

Artists- Margaret Dewar, R.E. Wall and Library Volunteers


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 The library offers a full range of library services to the residents of Tuba City and outlying areas. Housed in the historic Krenz-Kerley Trading Post, the library is designated a Family Place library and provides story times and a children's corner with toys and computer games. Childrens corner is truly the heart of the library. 

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It all began in March 2017, with a callout to library patrons for volunteers that would help us create a mural in the childrens area. Three dates were announced for a brainstorming session, review of mural designs, and a kick off paint party that would last three weeks.

Tuba Library 101


Members of the library staff were heavily involved with the first session. The Mural Mice introduced themselves and presented a slideshow of murals around the world. This led into a discussion about mural possabilities and the brainstorming session erupted.

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 A prominent opinion amongs the group was to create a mural that inspired and took the children away from their every day realities on the Navajo Reservation. While the group came up with hundreds of ideas, all were in favor of including; jungles, oceans, animals, and a dragon in the scene.


Mural Mice Universal artists R.E. Wall and Margaret Dewar spent a week drawing up dozens of designs to present to the group. They worked at home and in the center of the library where patrons could add their feedback.

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The community was invited to a second  meeting to determine the final design.

Library staff; Judy Finney, Pearl Goldtooth, Trish Polacca, Sharon Hudson, Sina Tsinnie, & Delmar Polacca played a leading role in reviewing the art.

Tuba Library 57

 Here, Sina Tsinnie, Margaret Dewar, and Judy Finney present the groups favorite design. It depicts a tree of life in the center and a young girl looking off into the distance. A boat has arrived in the harbor. To the left, a child is reading from a story book and animals are leaping from its pages. A dragon looks over her shoulder. To the right, exotic animals such as pandas, tigers, elephants, and kangaroo's are drifting into the distant horizon. A foreign boat has arrived in the harbor.

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The story board and basic design were established, but the final design would require a few adjustments before painting begins.


Tuba Library 48

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The community really turnout for the kick off painting party, and for the next three weeks, children of all ages dropped in daily to lend a brush to the project.

Tuba Library 209

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Tuba Library 184

Library Director Pearl Goldtooth took a personal interest in seeing her dream become the best mural possible. It turned out that she had some real skill with the brush.

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The Wilson family was ever present while painting the mural. They were a lot of fun to work with.

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Upon completion,the Tuba City Library mural was renamed "Ever After" and dedicated on April 6th, 2017. Many friendships were established during the course of the project as neighbors met and worked together for the first time. We celebrated with a pizza party and took some final group pictures together.

Tuba Library 126



Judy Finney. Pearl Goldtooth, Trish Polacca, Sharon Hudson, Sina Tsinnie, Delmar Polacca, Orlando Clark, Zane Jenkins, Mercer Wyatt Villa, Pauline Meat, Danielle Meat, Mikaela Wilson, Fransisco Wilson, Luke Wilson, Mordecai Wilson, Joseph Wilson, Santana Crank Aqauyo, Tieya Crank, Jay Shauna, Izabella Sloan, Varrick Sloan, Xavier Haskan, Tyler Begay, Homana Honyumptewa, Kimera Nelson, Vanisha Bitsinnie, Meadow purley, Anya Benally, Anthony C. Yazzie Sr., Joseph Wilson, Steveo, Maraina, and the unknown helper.

May you all live happily


Dedicated to the children our hope and our future.