I Am The Storm- Summit High School, Flagstaff Az. 2017

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I AM the Storm mural at SHS

Artists- R.E. Wall, Margaret Dewar and Summit High School Students

 I Am the Storm was painted by Summit High School Students in the Fall of 2018. Art teacher Chandra Hemminger called on the Mural Mice to guide the students through the process. The mural was funded by the Flagstaff Beautification and Public Art Commission with BBB funding. Special thanks to the Flagstaff Unified School District for supporting the project.

IMG 20171201 103302152

IMG 20171201 103609321 IMG 20171201 103705460

The mural was painted in the fall of 2017. The global climate was extremely volitile. There were a half dozen hurricanes in the Atlantic, fires were consuming the Northwest and Callifornia late in the season, and nuclear tensions were climaxing with the U.S. and North Korea. These subjects dominated the news and drew the students to find inspiration from them. The mural project offered a positive creative outlet for the students and "I Am the Storm" was born.

It all began with a brainstorm and a few designs. The wall was prepped and the image was drawn out. As always, the painting process was the best part.

DSCN1014 Sketches 2

wall prep 2sketches

Wall Prep

painting 6 painting 3


painting 4

painting 5 painting 3

painting 2 painting 1

The project was celebrated with a pizza party and some words from the Mice, school faculty and FUSD superintendant.


 The bulk of the mural was designed and painted by

Bailey Hall, Cedric John, Santana Garcia, Amanda Tameyo, Daniel Hill, Daniel Cardona Alvidrez.


DSCN1577 IMG 20171201 103557464IMG 20171201 103557464