Music of Nature Mural Tour

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Acker work party 1

“Music of Nature” painted by Mural Mice Margaret Dewar, Shellie Montgomery, Jenny Borst, Lee Bradley, Richard Elkins and many more. Dedicated June 10, 2010.

Acker Park is an island of tranquility to those who seek to escape from the stresses of daily living.  Individuals visit this sanctuary for its peacefulness, for its quiet solitude, and for the magnificent expanse of vistas afforded by this extraordinary environment.  Upon entering the park, people are instantly embraced by the nurturing arms of Mother Nature.  She surrounds all with her inherent splendor, while whispering the songs of the land to all who listen with quiet intent.


The Acker Park mural is a celebration of the sacredness of this beautiful land.  It gives a gentle nod of appreciation for J.S. Acker, the man who designated this haven to be preserved for all generations.  Acker had a great love for music, which is represented in this mural as the song of nature.   The music resides in the rhythm of the seasons, the sounds of children’s laughter, the flutter of a hummingbird’s wings, and the breeze as it rustles through the leaves of the Apache Plume.   

Acker ants 1a

This mural design incorporates the image of a violin, an instrument ideally suited to imitate the sounds of nature and the emotions which it inspires.   The body of the violin stretches to encompass the front of the building.  It is a landscape of creek beds, ant hills, and animal burrows, intertwined with the strings of the instrument, representing the chords of the natural world.   

In this front panel, the ants scurry through the fall to prepare for the upcoming winter.  A red-tailed hawk soars across the image to usher in the coming spring.  The landscape progresses through summer, where a boy plays in the creek, while two girls explore the wonders of the environment.   

The privacy screens give one a close-up perspective of the patterns of nature, through the magnification of imagery.  The left-facing panel is representative of the cycling of life and death.  A skeleton of a horned lizard serves as a guardian, protecting the delicate sprout of an acorn. 
The right inner panel shows the intricate design of a ponderosa pine cone and a grand hummingbird drinks the sweetened nectar of an Indian Paintbrush flower.   

Acker hummingbird 1a

The hands that play the violin are also illustrated in this mural, and are symbolic of the hands of Mother Nature. On the south-facing wall, a rainbow gently flows through the fingers of the bow hand, initiating the symphony of nature.  Above this hand, the history of the land is portrayed.  In the foreground, a father and son are seen flying a kite over some of Prescott`s land marks.  Shown are the Odd Fellow`s Cemetery, the Tenney Farm, and the drive-in theater that was once popular among Prescott residents.   

On the north facing wall, the image signifies the precious and delicate nature of the land.  A hand holds the curving neck of the violin, as well as an Apache Plume.  The petals of the plume are being dispersed in a gently flowing breeze.  Towards the top of this panel, two lovers enjoy a spectacular sunset over Thumb Butte, while the evening lights twinkle over the town below.

Acker full   Acker animals 

Finally, the west panel of the building pays homage to J.S. Acker.  Under the light of a full moon, the nocturnal animals gather around Acker`s memorial, to honor the man who preserved their natural habitat.  This image is symbolic of the assembling of the community of Prescott, and their notable efforts to establish this land as a park for the benefit of everyone.