A Good Year for MM Murals In Flagstaff

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2017 Mural Collage

The murals of 2017 were a dream come true for many, including the Mural Mice. The Mice produced a total of eight murals ranging from 300-500 square feet each.

Feast Your Eyes

1. “Ghost of Mabel Milligan” Upstairs at CVB

best milligan house mural

2. “Flagstaff 1920’s” at the Flagstaff Visitor Center

Flag Visitor Center Mural 2

3. “Ever After” at Tuba City Public Library (Children’s area)

Tuba City Library Pic 1

4. “Route 66 Shield” at Flagstaff Visitor Center

RT 66 Shield w artists 2

5. “Community Reflections” at Bushmaster Park

Community Reflections Mural at Bushmaster Park

6. “I Am The Storm” at Summit High School

I AM the Storm mural at SHS

7. “A Grand Mural” at the Grand Canyon Spirits Convenient Store

Grand Mural

8. “Gallery of Life” at Mount Elden Middle School

MEMS Gallery of Life Mural 1